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ForWellbeing Team has written 12 posts for CURLS 2017 People-Planet Partnership : The Journey Towards Hidden Connections

CURLS 2017 DRAFTED SCHEDULE is available for download

CURLS 2017 DRAFTED SCHEDULE is available for download HERE

CURLS2016 testimony

‘Everybody has equal responsibility to the commons and shares a direct responsibility to transfer its wealth to future generations. The commons radically oppose both the State and private property as shaped by market forces, and are powerful sources of emancipation and social justice.’ -Ugo Mattei , First Thoughts for a Phenomenology of the Commons.    … Continue reading

CURLS 2017 now open for registration!

  Filled the new chapter in your life with us CURLS:2017 People-Planet Partnership July, 18th – August 2nd 2017, Thailand !! Workshops with Right Livelihood Award Laureate and experience facilitators Intercultural Dialogue with participants from different country Experiential learning in the communities Individual projecct design Forest walk : from Ego-Self to Eco-Self Inside-Out & Theater activism with … Continue reading

CURLS2016 now call for registration until 15th May 2016

For video about summer school last year, please visit :

Scholarship fully occupied

Scholarship has been fully occupied but the registration is still open until 15th May. Don’t miss the chance to be part of this inspiring initiative!!

CURLS2016 Scholarship available & Deadline Extension

You can download application here: CURLS2016_PDF Application Form  

CURLS 2016 opens for registration!!

Chulalongkorn University Right Livelihood Summer School (CURLS) 2016 :The COMMONS, COMPASSION & COMMUNITIES Once we cultivate genuine compassion, the soil is prepared to receive seeds of happiness. Communities grow and shape the commons. Seeds are essential for our livelihoods, for our food and the security of future generations. Private and public property regimes are not … Continue reading

A Summary Video of the CURLS 2015

A Summary Video of the CURLS 2015 We are pleased to present you with the Chulalongkorn University Right Livelihood Summer School (CURLS 2015): Action Research: Empowering Right Livelihood”. CURLS 2015 aims to promote the concept of Right Livelihood by living lightly on the earth. By bringing together laureates of the Right Livelihood Award and likeminded … Continue reading

Neoliberalism and the food system by Norina Möller

”You hum something, a tone or a sound and the rest of the group is following you!“ A sound is coming from one corner, gradually the rest of the group adopts this sound. It becomes louder and louder, like a swarm of busy bees flying towards you. The sound stops and after a while also … Continue reading

A First Glimpse of CURLS 2015 by Norina Möller

A First Glimpse of CURLS 2015 By Norina Möller, a CURLS 2015 participant from the Youth Future Project I open the windows to let in some fresh air and get hit by a wall. I immediately decide to shut the windows again. Air conditioning? Really? I turn it on and it´s a relief. I still … Continue reading

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