Earth Trusteeship Forum & CURLS 2019 Report

With the collaboration of School For Wellbeing and various organizations, we organized the Second Earth Trusteeship forum on 19 – 21 July 2019 to promote the notion of trusteeship. The forum, this year, is special for its concluding part of Chula Right Livelihood Summer School (CURLS) 2019 under the theme Nature Rights, Global Citizenship, and Reclaiming the commons: The Rise of Earth Trusteeship.  Please read … Continue reading Earth Trusteeship Forum & CURLS 2019 Report

CURLS 2019 Report

“Nature Rights, Global Citizenship and Reclaiming “the Commons”: The Rise of Earth Trusteeship 7 – 22 July 2019 CURLS 2019 started in Bangkok at Chulalongkorn University. The Chula campus in Bangkok provided a 2,5 day platform for critical academic analysis and new impulses for civil society transformation in a context of an experimental “environment and theatre” programme, including a farm visit where “the commons” are … Continue reading CURLS 2019 Report

CURLS 2019 Executive summary

CURLS 2019 marked the 10th anniversary of the School for Wellbeing Studies and Research. At this occasion the Chulalongkorn University Right Livelihood Summerschool (CURLS) concluded with a two days forum Nature Rights, Global Citizenship and Reclaiming “the Commons”: the Rise of Earth Trusteeship. The School for Wellbeing was founded in 2009 as a follow-up to the 3rd International Conference on Gross National Happiness held in … Continue reading CURLS 2019 Executive summary


CURLS 2018 under the theme Healing Earth, Healing Society, Healing Self brought over 24 participants from around the world to the concept of Healing through many different perspectives. The participants discovered that Healing Self is also part of the process that will help them transform our global governance towards genuine sustainability and inclusive social justice. For more information, please download CURLS 2018 report below: CURLS … Continue reading CURLS 2018 REPORT


CURLS 2017 under the theme People-Planet Partnership took over 24 people from around the world to learn from these four modules: ​​Module​ ​1​ ​Chulalongkorn​ ​University​ ​(July​ ​18​th​​ ​–​ ​21​st​)  ❖ The​ ​history​ ​of​ ​science​ ​and​ ​fragmentation​ ​of​ ​world​ ​view ❖ Neoliberalism​ ​and​ ​the​ ​politics​ ​of​ ​climate​ ​change ❖ Exploring​ ​the​ ​landscape​ ​of​ ​development​ ​in​ ​the​ ​21st​ ​century Module​ ​2​ ​Samoeng,​ ​Chiang​ ​Mai​ ​(July​ ​22​th​​ ​–​ … Continue reading CURLS 2017 REPORT


CURLS 2016 under the theme The Commons, Compassion, and Community was held at Chulalongkorn University, Bhutan, Chon Buri province, and Prachaub Khirikhan province to learn about the concept of property, the commons, and how to implement the knowledge that they learned throughout the journey to help their own communities. For more information, please download CURLS 2016 report below: CURLS 2016 Report Link: Continue reading CURLS 2016 REPORT


CURLS 2015 under the theme Action Research: Empowering Right Livelihood was held  at Chulalongkorn University where the participants studied about the concept of Right livelihood, Gross National Happiness, and post development perspective to foster a strong academic background and expand the global viewpoint around the contemporary challenging issues for instance: consumerism, indebtedness, inequality, social justice, climate change, food system, and etc. Also, the participants discussed on … Continue reading CURLS 2015 REPORT