Maetha Community

Mae-tha Sub-district is in Mae-oon district, Chiang Mai Province, which comprises 7 villages with a total of approximately 4000 people in 1330 households. In the past, it was one of the remotest areas of Chiang Mai Province making it difficult to be accessed by governmental facilities. Kamnan Anan told us that because they were abandoned by the state, they became a strong community through self-reliant … Continue reading Maetha Community

Chulalongkorn University

Chulalongkorn University is a public research institution based in Bangkok with around 40,000 students. The institution was founded in 1917. That year, King Vajiravudh decided that the former Civil Service College was ready to become a university, naming Chulalongkorn in memorial to his father, the king regarded as having laid the foundations of modern education in Thailand. King Chulalongkorn (Rama V) had the aim of … Continue reading Chulalongkorn University

7 Arts Inner Place

With anthroposophic approach, it is indisputable that human being comprises of body, soul, and spirit. With this core belief, 7 Arts Inner Place aims to restore harmony and balance, and to heal illness with the system of anthroposophic medicine, under the supervision of the anthroposophic art therapist. For people who seek to restore emotional balance, the anthroposophic art therapy carefully works with light, darkness, and … Continue reading 7 Arts Inner Place

Ban Pa Teung Ngam, Karen Hilltribe, Chiang Mai

Ban Pa Tueng Ngam is a Karen village located between Prao and Chiang Dao districts in Chiang Mai, Thailand. The village lives on subsistence economy which promotes the conservation of nature. Even though Ban Pa Tueng Ngam is small, the community has helped maintain over 10,000 Rai (sixteen square meters) of forests. Interesting topics Subsistence economy Community forests Rotational cropping Tradition/ Ritual/ Folktale Livelihood of … Continue reading Ban Pa Teung Ngam, Karen Hilltribe, Chiang Mai

Makhampom Theater Group

Makhampom is known to Thais as a famous drama group that uses theatre, puppets, stage performances, traditional music and mime to help develop communities by encouraging local people to exchange opinions and ideas and take part in community projects. At the same time, Makhampom also trains local people and youths in the community to produce communication tools themselves. Whether you call it a large family, … Continue reading Makhampom Theater Group

Klong Yong Community

KLONG YONG is a lowland area on the outskirt of Bangkok where is located in Nakorn Pathom Province, Thailand. The community aims to produce organic rice and preserving the local paddy seed in Nakorn Chaisri field. They also applied many technics in rice field management to increase the production. Ban Chanote, Klong Yong-Lantakfa Community Enterprise was established here with the mission to produce organic rice … Continue reading Klong Yong Community

Wongsanit Ashram

Wongsanit Ashram was founded by a group of nonviolent activists who have been actively involved with the uprisings in 1973 and 1976 in Siam with the leadership of Sulak Sivaraksa, a well-known social thinker. They realized the importance of creating a place for spiritual refuge during the tumultuous time where socially engaged people can practice together mindfulness and nurture their spiritual growth as well as … Continue reading Wongsanit Ashram

Nong Tao, Karen Hilltribe, Chiang Mai

Nong Tao​ is a Karen village located in the upper section of the Mae Wang river basin in Chiang Mai Province, Thailand. Their beliefs and fables express the interdependence between man and nature. The Community consists of 600 villagers from 120 families living in the forest area of 4,000 rai (6.4 square meters) for over 250 years. Interesting Topics : 1)  Man and Nature relationship … Continue reading Nong Tao, Karen Hilltribe, Chiang Mai

Bang Kra Chao : The Lung of Bangkok

Bang Krachao, also known as Bangkok Green Lung, which apparently gets the name because of the shape it takes, if seen from top, is a vast area of lush green forest, mangroves, gardens and untouched splendor of nature. Here you won’t find any high rise buildings, factories or bustling streets – a stark contrast from Bangkok city. This almost island-like peninsula lies within the area … Continue reading Bang Kra Chao : The Lung of Bangkok