The Programme

18th July – 2nd August,2017 

The 16 days course, which was divided into 4 modules, aims to create the linkage between conceptual idea and practical action.

Module 1 Chulalongkorn University (July 18th – 21st)

  • The history of science and fragmentation of world view
  • Neoliberalism and the politics of climate change
  • Exploring the landscape of development in the 21st century –rights, equality, food, wellbeing movement etc. and post development agenda

Module 2 Samoeng, Chiang Mai (July 22th – 27th)

  • From Ego self to Eco self : the journey in the forest
  • Living with Karen community and exchange with local wisdom
  • Deep ecology and miracle of life workshop

Module 3 Wongsanit Ashram, Nakorn Nayok (July 28th – July 31st)

  • Experience reflection and theatre activism
  • Contemplation, group dynamics activities.
  • Artistic expression
  • Individual project design

Module 4 Chulalongkorn University (Aug 1st – Aug 2nd)

  • Right Livelihood Lecture
  • Exhibition



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