Messages for the next CURLS participants


Be ready to welcome new experience. challenge your assumption. Step out of your box.”

“Whatever CURLS organizers team give to you, I hope you learn something inside and outside you.”

“To be in the experience, to feel, to think, to reflect, to experience, to do. Connect with the other participants, really listen and learn to work together, have a dialogue about your learning.”


“Be involved in the process, and give all time to the program.”

“Just be open to learn and experience. If you can, reflect what you feel/ Questions you have along the way.”

“If you’re outside of the field, it would be nicer to study and get yourself familiar with the topics to be able to engage in deep and meaningful discussions. I feel like I couldn’t engage much because my understanding is not quite enough.”

“Very informative/ Practical for life.”


“Nice experience to try.”

“Just be you! Don’t try to fit in. Open up yourself!”

“Have an open mind about the art and theatre aspect and enjoy every bit of your experience.”

“Bring Bug Spray.”

“Be open minded, it not really academic but you can learn a lot.”

“Opportunity in sharing and expressing their true feelings, acceptance and others’ flaws and taking responsibility of each other.”


“Come Prepared/ Now that this is for learning and fun, but you will have to be more active.”

“The program is very good for the shaping one’s life so my request young should attend this program and get knowledge and implement it to their real life.”

“Right Livelihood is not just a concept but a practice. A way of living that doesn’t harm the Earth more than today.”

“This is a platform which accepts you with open arms without any distinction on caste, creed , background etc. An amazing 15 days of knowing yourself by living close to nature and practicing mindfulness. A must for all the ones who want to find their true passion, goals and looking for ways and opportunities to work for society and sustainability. The organizers are truly wonderful souls , Hans and Wallapa , coordinating team members Narumon & Kaem along with others will never let you feel away from home in 15 days. “


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