CURLS SummerSchool 2019 Poster is OUT Now!

CURLS 2019 welcomes 24 participants around the globe to explore the notion of Earth Trusteeship on 7 – 22 July 2019 under the theme Nature Rights, Global Citizenship and Reclaiming “the Commons”: The Rise of Earth Trusteeship. It is a corner stone idea towards genuine sustainability and inclusive social justice.

This year is a very special occasion for CURLS to be part of the second Earth Trusteeship Forum which will be held on 19 – 21 July 2019. The Forum has been cooperated as the concluding part of CURLS. Remarkable resource persons and experts on various fields such as environmental law and human rights will be gathered at this forum for critical articulation of Earth Trusteeship. We would like to welcome everyone to be part of this Forum.

Please find more information about the Forum here: Earth Trusteeship Registration

Or Scan the QR Code on the poster.

Moreover, CURLS 2019 also includes the celebration of “10 Year” for School for Wellbeing Studies and Research, one of the pioneering organizing institutes of CURLS.

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