Yeb Saño (19 – 21 July 2019: Earth Trusteeship Forum)

Yeb Saño is Greenpeace Southeast Asia’s Executive Director. In 2015 the former international climate negotiator-turned-environmentalist walked from Rome to Paris, hoping for a “miracle” that would push world leaders to strike a deal on global warming. Blessed by Pope Francis He made the 1,500 km walk with the blessings of Pope Francis. In 2016 Yeb joined Greenpeace with the firm belief that the solution to the world’s ecological crisis does not exist in the corridors of power, but by catalysing an interconnected, global movement of people. “The battle cannot be won merely within the confines of the institutions we have built and the boundaries of my own country. All of us need to stand together to make it happen”. Recently he sent together with fellow activists a letter to the Guardian: “The world faces two existential crises, developing with terrifying speed: climate breakdown and ecological breakdown,” the group writes. “Neither is being addressed with the urgency needed to prevent our life-support systems from spiralling into collapse”. The signatories of the letter support joining massively the UN Decade for ecosystem restoration 2021 – 2030.

Past work experience of Yeb Saño

Yeb Saño is Commissioner, with the rank or Undersecretary, of the Philippines’ Climate Change Commission, the country’s lead policy-making body on climate change.

He is the Philippines’ chief negotiator in the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC). He serves as the Chair of the UNFCCC’s Long Term Finance Work Programme.

Before being appointed as Commissioner, he served as the Director of the Climate Change Program of the World Wide Fund for Nature. A veteran of the Philippine environmental movement, before joining government, he had been working with local communities and international bodies for more than 13 years, working on domestic and international issues that relate to climate change, clean energy, biodiversity, coastal and marine resources, tourism, disaster risk reduction and local governance.

He began working on climate change issues since 1997, setting up the WWF’s Climate Change Program in the Philippines.

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Yeb Saño has confirmed to be part of the Earth Trusteeship Forum on 19 – 21 July 2019

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