Why should you join CURLS 2019? III

Pema Rinzin (Bhutan)
Pema is currently working as an Associate Lecturer in Department of Sustainable Development, College of Natural Resources, Royal University of Bhutan.Attending the CURLS program has taught me a lot. Firstly, getting to meet people from diverse cultures and of different ages and being able to share this learning journey together with all the participants was very memorable and enriching experience for me. Especially the module on healing self, wherein the moments of joy and laughter that I got to share with others was wonderful and educational.
Secondly, being at the Karen community was an eye-opening experience for me. Hearing about the struggles that the people of Karen community are facing to protect their way of life really made me reflect back a lot on my own community back home. Unlike Karen community, my community does not have to face any outside power that jeopardizes our rights, but the capitalistic power is slowly diluting our culture and threatening our traditional way of life which was more sustainable, and also preferable, considering all the ill-effects of capitalism. I was taken aback by this reality. Nevertheless, this experience challenged me to review my own life principles and reflect on what I think is right or wrong. The long and constant effort that Karen community put in to fight a powerful enemy, just to uphold their rights, and actually winning in the end conveyed so many meanings to me.
To conclude, the CURLS program was not only educative, it also broadened my horizon. I feel very honored to have got this opportunity. Thank you so much. KADRINCHELA

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