Makhampom Theater Group

Makhampom is known to Thais as a famous drama group that uses theatre, puppets, stage performances, traditional music and mime to help develop communities by encouraging local people to exchange opinions and ideas and take part in community projects. At the same time, Makhampom also trains local people and youths in the

community to produce communication tools themselves. Whether you call it a large family, a nursery, a university or just a place that brings together people who love drama, Makhampom‘s specialty is drama and the creative arts.
Makhampom Chiang Dao Art Space is a place for creative community art where art can reflect beauty and truth, arousing inspiration and stimulating a feeling of humanity and justice. It is similar to a bridge that connects people from all social classes and ethnicities, both from within and outside the community, enabling them to come together and experience art in the form of theatre, outdoor sculpture, painting exhibitions, photography and book fairs. It is a space with a gift shop and café where people can come and have fun with creative arts themselves. The latest activity is the Makhampom School for Transformative Learning—an informal learning camp where participants come together to exchange ideas, become inspired, be experimental and or just take a break in the natural environment of an art space amid green rice-fields.

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