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CURLS 2015 Flyer are now available for view and download

CURLS 2015 Flyer

The flyer for Chulalongkorn University of Right Livelihood Summer School 2015 is now available online on ISSU. Please note that the application is extended to June 15th, 2015.



2 thoughts on “CURLS 2015 Flyer are now available for view and download

  1. I am Mr. Shohmurodov Jumaboy representing local non for profit organization “LATIF” from Republic of Tajikistan, implementing the envronmental land managment and rural livelihoods project. I’d like to know either we are eligable to participate in the summer school 2015. Please contact us by email. With warm regards,
    Jumaboy Shhmurodov, Project Manager PO “LATIF”

    Posted by Jumaboy Shohmrodov | May 20, 2015, 8:32 am
    • Thank you for your writing. The school is open for variety of backgrounds! If you see yourself as agent of change who eager to learn the new paradigm of development based on “transformation from within” approach. Please, don’t miss this opportunity! Again, thank you so much for your interest to be part of this inspiring event!

      Posted by ForWellbeing Team | May 20, 2015, 9:44 am

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